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Donations are needed to ensure we have funds for cover all the miscellenaous costs involved with this event! 

As donations are received, we will list the names of classmates who have made a contribution to this event:

  • Scott Barnes
  • Laurie (Caswell) Rosenberg
  • Lisa (Caswell) Johnson
  • Lou Anne (Catarinella) Wincko
  • Bob Clougherty
  • Robb Connors
  • Cindy (Dorencamp) Firetto
  • Jon Girson
  • Debbie (Horn) Berkovitz
  • Karen Kelly
  • James Kyros
  • Marilyn (McWilliams) Coleman
  • Kim (Meyers) Merge
  • Jim Mousseau
  • Patty Murton
  • Andrew Pople
  • Howard Reicher
  • Americus Rocco
  • Bob Rosenstein
  • Ken Rosenstein
  • Deanna (Schiff) Pasekoff
  • Christine Schmidt
  • Julie Silverman


•   Lisa Caswell (Johnson) (1982)  7/30
•   Angharad Grimes (Stock) (1982)  7/29
•   Karen Kelly (1972)  7/29
•   Bob Clougherty (1972)  7/28
•   Dean Novotny (1982)  7/28
•   Susan Caparosa (1972)  7/28
•   Beth Caparosa (Johnson) (1973)  7/28
•   Nancy Panzak (Bubeck) (1979)  7/27
•   Andrew Pople (1979)  7/26
•   Karen Hatton (Davidson) (1971)  7/26
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We Still Need Your Registration For

"CAHS Celebrates Larry Cervi"

Saturday, August 30, 2014

12:00 Noon - 6:00 PM

With slightly more than one month to go, it's time for you to register for this event!

Registration is ongoing for the "CAHS Celebrates Larry Cervi" event, which will be held on Saturday, August 30, 2014 from 12:00 Noon - 6:00 PM at the Four Seasons Activity Center at Boyce Park.

This will be a BBQ Cookout Buffet with a choice of a regular or vegetarian option and also includes non-alcoholic beverages and beer.

To register, use the "Register to Attend" link to the left.

Other Items of Note For

"CAHS Celebrates Larry Cervi"

To answer some of the other questions I have received:

  1. What if I want to perform? - We now have this ready to go!  We have hired an accompianist (with portable keyboard), and the microphones and speakers lined up.  Classmates that are interested in performing must send email to to let us know in advance!  We need to get all sheet music to the accompianist no later than August 22nd - bringing sheet music that day is not going to be an option!  Rehearsal will be the morning of the event with details to be provided.  We also ask that performers make an additional contribution to offset the costs involved.
  2. What if I can't be there? - That's terrible news to read, but we've got you covered!  We are planning to have a photo/videographer to capture the moments of the event and will post them on this website after the event concludes.
  3. Can I come even if I wasn't in the musicals? - Absolutely!  Unless we get a record-capacity number of folks, this is open to all who want to celebrate Larry's achievements at CAHS!
  4. What if I have additional questions? - Your answers are just an email away!  Send your comments, concerns, and questions to me at and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.