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Donations are needed to ensure we have funds for any required deposits.

As donations are received, we will list the names of classmates who have made a contribution to this event:

  • Scott Barnes
  • Lou Anne (Catarinella) Wincko
  • Robb Connors
  • Cindy (Dorencamp) Firetto
  • James Kyros
  • Paty Murton
  • Americus Rocco
  • Bob Rosenstein
  • Ken Rosenstein
  • Christine Schmidt


•   Norman Balint  4/15
•   Linda Dering Patterson  4/1
•   Karen Hatton Davidson  3/30
•   Robert Rosenstein  3/28
•   Anne Graham Anschuetz  3/19

Announcing a New Web Site

Since I launched our Class of 1979 website several years ago, I often heard people ask if there was a way for us to preserve our photos, records, videos, etc.  While there is the CAHS Facebook page, which required folks to be on Facebook (which many people do not want to do) and also had limitations as to what could be posted and how it could be displayed.

With that in mind, I'm pleased to announce that a new website has specifically been set up that is for all the graduating classes of CAHS to use that is free to sign up (unfortunately, the system doesn't let your sign-in and profile here work across other sites!) and use.  While our website is still in "beta" mode, there will be a Facebook connection ability in the near future.

This new website so far has audio recordings from many years of CAHS band and choral concerts, some videos provided by the amazing Lee Schaeffer, and some photos provided thus far.  I'm hopeful as people learn about the site, more content can be added.

Just like our class website, donations are needed to maintain the new website itself as well as to cover the costs for software to digitize all of these photos, records, and videos.

Check out the new website, register, make a donation, and send us your artifacts!

Updated Information
As Of October 27, 2013


Thanks for visiting the "CAHS Alumni Celebrate Larry Cervi" website.  We now have over 50 classmates registered for this website and hope to spread the word in the months to come.

Since the last update, I can now confirm that we have on deposit the Boyce Park Ski Lodge to support an informal event on Saturday, August 30, 2014 that will have food &  beverage served, and will work to have a piano available so that people who wish to perform can do so.

I will now get in touch with the folks who plan the CAHS All-Class Reunions held every other year to get the contact information on the catering service they use, since they did a great job at this past year's event.

We can post more on the site to get people to bring with them CAHS musical memorabilia and also make it available electronically on this site.

To answer a few of the most common questions asked so far:

  • Why are we having this event? - Several months ago, I heard from a range of folks that had been discussing doing a special event to celebrate Larry's 75th birthday, but that just didn't come together in time.  With the passing of Jerry Shannon a few years ago, those of us who participated in the memorial event realized that celebrating the achievements of Jerry Shannon, Jerry Rauso, and Larry Cervi should be done while they can enjoy it.  When a few people reached out again to me a few months ago, I was happy to use my personal experience coordinating the CAHS Class of 1979 reunions, as well as my professional experience managing conferences and events at Carnegie Mellon University, to make this all come together.
  • Is this for the musical and drama "geeks"or for anyone who has worked with Larry before?  Originally when we were planning for this to be an event with a strong musical performance aspect, it was envisioned to be just the folks involved in CAHS musicals.  With this being a more informal event, I would guess that subject to capacity issues, we will make this event open to a larger audience.
  • Why are we having it over Labor Day weekend? - We chose the Saturday of Labor Day because it is among the three-day holidays that have the least inconvenience on families (versus having it Thanksgiving weekend when many classes do/did hold their reunions).  Additionally, the CAHS All-Class Reunions are held every two years (on odd years), so this weekend which works well for their event, was open.  Ultimately, any weekend selected can be problematic.
  • Will I be able to send a video tribute? - Yes, at some point.  I have to review the details of how to do that using the Class Creator website and will make sure details are provided once I know the technical requirements.

I'll continue to plug away at the details and share more when it becomes available; please share with your other classmates this website and encourage them to register so they can sign up when tickets become available.

I am grateful for the donations received to date (see the home page for the list of donors), but we continue to need your donations to keep the event as affordable as possible for people to join in this special celebration.

If you have any questions, please send email to and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Many Thanks!

Bob Rosenstein ('79)